imagesThe majority of home sales, buyer and sellers never connect in person or otherwise. But buyers sit on a wealth of knowledge that would in fact help sellers sell their home faster and for a higher price. Most sellers feel they need to list their home high to leave room for the buyers to negotiate the price down. Most buyers are willing to do some basic negotiating but are not generally interested in changing a sellers belief system about their home and its value that is clearly not realistic. It then becomes daunting to the buyer who has to invest a lot of energy and emotion making an offer. So if your home is overpriced, you are missing out on the serious buyers who will 1) never come and see it or 2)wait until you drop the price because it simply isn’t worth their effort. If you are thinking of listing your home in Morris County, check out my sellers tip of the week each week or call me for advice on how to get your home sold in the current market.

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