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Here you can find last month's closed transactions in Randolph Twp and Shongum Lake. You’ll be able to see the Street Address, the list price (List $), the sold price (Sale $) as well as the beds, baths, garage, basement, year built, days on market (DOM) and the date closed. Please note that List Price and Days on Market are reflective of the listing contract in place at time of sale and do not consider any previous listing agreements.

*Information deemed reliable but not guaranteed. Not all sales made by Missy Iemmello or Remax.

Randolph Twp Closed Real Estate Transactions January 2016*
ADDRESS TOWN STYLE Bds Bth G Bs YB List $ Sale $ DOM Date
19 LILAC PLACE RANDOLPH TWP COLONIAL 5 2 2 YES 1985 $449,000 $410,000 137 1/29/16
25 STONEHILL RD RANDOLPH TWP SPLIT LEVEL 3 1.1 1 YES 1957 $299,000 $300,000 33 1/28/16
1 CHAMBERS PLACE RANDOLPH TWP COLONIAL 4 2.1 2 YES 1987 $600,000 $582,500 90 1/26/16
14 SHADOWBROOK WAY RANDOLPH TWP COLONIAL 4 4.1 3 YES 2000 $899,900 $878,500 114 1/25/16
201 BOULDER RIDGE RD RANDOLPH TWP TOWNHOME 2 2.1 1 YES 2001 $329,900 $316,000 115 1/22/16
94 EVERDDALE ROAD RANDOLPH TWP RANCH 3 2 2 YES 1963 $439,000 $422,000 38 1/22/16
107 MT PLEASANT TPK RANDOLPH TWP SPLIT LEVEL 3 2.1 1 YES 1950 $449,777 $439,000 244 1/22/16
393 QUAKER CHURCH RD RANDOLPH TWP BILEVEL 5 2.2 0 NO 1969 $449,000 $385,000 284 1/20/16
29 BEDMINSTER ROAD RANDOLPH TWP COLONIAL 4 2.1 2 YES 1986 $549,000 $532,500 96 1/15/16
35 QUAKER AVENUE RANDOLPH TWP RANCH 4 2 0 YES 1956 $224,900 $200,000 25 1/14/16
89 GRISTMILL ROAD RANDOLPH TWP COLONIAL 2 1.1 0 YES 1830 $250,000 $232,500 67 1/13/16
35 ASH LANE RANDOLPH TWP BI LEVEL 4 2.1 0 NO 1973 $244,900 $266,000 8 1/12/16
322 DOVER CHESTER RD RANDOLPH TWP BI LEVEL 5 3 2 NO 1969 $450,000 $450,000 14 1/11/16
8 KINGS RIDGE ROAD RANDOLPH TWP COLONIAL 5 4.1 3 YES 1998 $750,000 $750,000 160 1/11/16
23 SKYLINE DRIVE RANDOLPH TWP COLONIAL 4 3.1 3 YES 2014 $1,045,000 $1,035,000 22 1/8/16
6 HICKORY PLACE RANDOLPH TWP RANCH 3 2 2 YES 1965 $399,000 $380,000 57 1/5/16
Shongum Lake Closed Real Estate Transactions January 2016*
ADDRESS Shongum Lake STYLE Bds Bth G Bs YB List $ Sale $ DOM Date
5 DRUM HILL LANE SHONGUM LAKE RANCH 3 2.1 2 YES 1972 $499,900 $525,000 13 1/5/16
5 RICKLAND DRIVE SHONGUM LAKE COLONIAL 5 2.1 2 YES 1975 $669,900 $670,000 28 1/4/16

Stop by this HGTV ready home located in the sought after Shongum Lake Community in Randolph. Over 5500 sq ft is sure to please even the most fussy buyers. Close to Morristown and great commuter locale.

Priced at $785,0002015-05-10 15.22.07

2015-05-10 15.31.29

Thank you to all who participated in my 3rd annual community garage sale and fundraiser! This year we once again beat our goal of food contributed and the lucky participant, St Peter’s  Church on Maple Avenue in Morristown, NJ  was happy to receive our donation. They hold an after school program for children as well as a food pantry so  everything they receive is greatly appreciated. They are in need of formula and diapers. If anyone wants to donate these items I will be happy to arrange to pick them up from you and bring them to the church!

2015-09-28 14.00.13

2015-09-28 09.41.36This home located in the Ironia section of Randolph has just rented for $2500/month. If you or you know anyone looking for a rental property, let me know and I would love to help you out!


Autumn’s crisp, cool evenings are finally providing relief from the summer heat, which means it’s the perfect time to enjoy your outdoor space. Gather your friends and family and make the most of the cooler season with one of these fun outdoor ideas.

Gather Around the Fire — From a portable fire bowl to an elaborate built-in structure, there are fire pit designs to fit every budget. (Your town may have rules on where or if you can build a fire pit, so check ordinances first.) Use your fire feature to roast marshmallows or stay warm while you swap stories under the stars.

Host a Movie Night — Revive the drive-in movie concept in your own backyard. Prepare for your outdoor movie night by stringing a crisp white bed sheet between trees or tacking it to a fence. Then find a clear spot for the projector. Once the sun sets, grab a blanket and a few snacks, and let the entertainment begin.

Enjoy Fall Grilling — There’s no reason to write off the backyard grill just because there’s a chill in the air. Have a few friends over for a fall cookout, complete with grilled seasonal veggies and a potluck dessert. An outdoor heater or chimenea can supplement the warmth from the grill, or spread out a couple blankets for friends to cozy up with if necessary.Image title

Throw a Tailgate Party — Fall weekends belong to football, so why not host a backyard tailgate party? Broadcast the game outdoors by setting up a TV in the garage or under a small tent. Then plan a simple themed menu, decorate in team colors, and create a playlist with feel-good tunes.

Randolph, NJ

20150901_120115 (2)Saturday, September 26th



I will be at a table at

52 Radtke Road, Randolph

meeting/greeting and passing out maps.

Please donate a non-perishable food item

                                      to help support the local FOOD BANK.

                                               Most Needed Food For Food Drive;

                                                 *Canned Tuna, Salmon, Spam, Chicken, Ham

  *Milk, Shelf Stable

                        *Pasta, Potatoes, Rice, Cereal

                                              *Mac & Cheese, Chili, Stews, Meaty Soups

                                                                                               *Peanut Butter, Plastic Jars Only

                                                                                                *Fruit, canned or in plastic


Randolph, NJ

If you are looking for a great community in the beautiful town of Randolph, look no further. Shongum lake private lake community located on the eastern side of Randolph, a great commuter locale is the place to be. Ranked one of the safest cities in New Jersey, Randolph has always been known for their great schools.

Join us Sunday, September 13th 1-4pm

as we host a Shongum Lake Community

Multi Open House Sunday

5 Red Barn Lane, $615,000

5 Deer Run Dr, $625,000

2 Old Chimney Road, $635,000

74 meadowbrook Road, $649,000

5 Rickland Drive, $669,900

7 Overbrook Road, $699,000

14 Lookout Road, $795,000

23 Bragman Road, $799,000

Shongum Lake Homes, Randolph NJ


We are smack dab in the middle of home buying season, and while some properties are off the market before they’re even on it, others haven’t had such luck. A great way to boost your home’s selling power is to make small and affordable updates throughout the home. These quick updates and fixes won’t break the bank or a budget, and they will help make your home more inviting to potential buyers and a potential sale.

Front Door of a Home


The front door is one of the first things potential buyers see when viewing your home. Spruce up the front door by touching up paint (either paint over chipped or fading paint, or change the color completely), adding a kick plate, changing out the hardware, or you can replace the door completely. A new front door can add energy efficiency and additional security if you choose a metal door. Making the front door pop not only adds a special touch to your curb appeal, but potential buyers definitely notice a door that’s been taken care of.


Kitchens appeal to so many buyers. If you don’t have the budget or time to overhaul your kitchen, don’t panic. If you have nice wood cabinets and don’t have the budget to update them, consider adding a coat of paint to freshen them up. You can also add new hardware (knobs, handles or pulls) to help give cabinets a younger look. You can also change out any outdated countertops, and adding a new faucet to the sink is another way to give a kitchen a new vibe. If you have the time and the budget, consider changing any flooring that is chipped, cracked or broken. Vinyl flooring is economical and affordable, and it’s available in a number of types and styles to suit any kitchen design.


Porch columns are another item buyers see immediately; if you have columns that have chipped paint, are decaying, or don’t match the style of the home, consider updating or replacing them completely. Sand and paint over chips, or update the look with vinyl wraps. If you have the budget to replace the columns, consider fiberglass, which is weather resistant and helps support the weight of the porch roof.


Bathrooms are another large selling feature of properties, and outdated bathrooms are a top sale killer. Update within reason of your budget and time: replacing the vanity, counter, sink and faucet can be a quick fix that is also budget friendly (some home improvement stores have entire kits available for this). If this doesn’t fit your budget, consider painting the vanity and replacing the hardware and faucet. Other updates that can be done in the bathroom: change out a toilet (you can usually find energy efficient toilets at a local big box store for under $200), update a showerhead, and replace any vanity or overhead lighting for more modern and energy efficient options.


Many staircases are located just as you enter a home, which means they are a focal point and something buyers look at and judge the moment they walk into a property. If your staircase has seen better days, take the time to do some small updates. Fix any broken or loose steps and evaluate the railing; refinish a wood staircase, replace a broken railing, change outdated balusters, and, if the stairs are carpeted, clean or replace the carpet.


Whether it’s gas or wood, many homes have fireplaces, and many buyers love them for their purpose and as focal points. An updated fireplace can say loads about your home, and a great looking fireplace can help a sale. You can paint and transform outdated brick or add ceramic tiles to add color. You also have the option of adding budget-friendly artificial stone veneer or natural stone (if you have the time and money). Mantels are a large part of fireplaces – add, update or replace a mantel with wood, stone or marble. An updated fireplace and mantel can help any home sale.


Lighting can take the exterior of a home from drab to fab. Dark homes don’t pop to buyers, and outdoor lighting can add a ton of appeal. Update any outdated outdoor lighting fixtures, especially those that no longer work or are broken. If you have some extra money to put toward projects, consider adding additional outdoor lighting in the way of a lamppost or path lights, and if you live in a sunny climate you also have the option of solar lights.


Buyers will go through cupboards and closets, and a cramped bedroom closet can be an issue with some buyers. A quick and budget-friendly fix is a closet organizer. Organizers come in a variety of options, from wood and plastic-laminate to wire, and most are DIY, which cuts down any installation costs. If your closets are stuffed or poorly organized, buyers will see this and could potentially be turned off by it.


Most homes have some kind of attic, whether it be a small crawlspace that’s barely accessible or a large attic area accessed by a staircase. Make sure your attic area is accessible: if it’s not, add a ladder and insulate the door for better energy efficiency. If your attic area is just studs, add a plywood floor to make it more accessible and ready for storage. By adding a couple extra things to an attic area, you’re adding usable space and making your home more marketable to potential buyers.

These fixes are relatively easy, and most shouldn’t break the bank. If you can afford to do some, go for it, but do what is in reason of your time and budget. You want to sell your house, and you don’t want to spend a fortune updating it. Small fixes can be the ticket to a quick sell, or they can help a home that’s been sitting for a while finally get some movement.


Missy Iemmello

Randolph Homes, NJ

Dear Neighbors,

Please be advised of the following scheduling changes for the beach for the upcoming week leading into Labor Day:
Wednesday 9/2 – BEACH CLOSED
(no guards on duty/ swim at your own risk, bathrooms closed)
Thursday 9/3 – BEACH CLOSED
(no guards on duty/ swim at your own risk, bathrooms closed)
Friday 9/4 – BEACH OPENS at 4:00pm
(Friday Night Social is from 5:00pm to 9:00pm)
Saturday 9/5 – Normal Hours 11:00am – 7:00pm
Labor Day BBQ and Bonfire
Sunday 9/6 – Normal Hours 11:00am – 7:00pm
Monday 9/7 – Volunteers needed to help bring the dock in and prep for the fall/ winter
Happy Labor Day Weekend!
SLPOA Council
Shongum Lake, Randolph, NJ

20150901_120115 (2)Saturday, September 26th


I will be at a table at

52 Radtke Road, Randolph

meeting/greeting and passing out maps.

Please donate a non-perishable food item

to help support the local FOOD BANK.

If you would like to participate, please RSVP to Missy Iemmello by September 18th


Today, 8/31/15, is the deadline for the SLPOA annual Triathalon.

Short swim …

10 mile bike on road …

3.5 mile run.

Individuals and teams welcome.

Shongum Lake Property Owners Association, Randolph, NJ

Triathalon Application

The Shongum Lake is a private lake community which offers a resort like community right in your own backyard. Families who live near the lake and whom are members of the lake walk to the lake in the summer for family outings, ice-skate on the lake during the winter, and jog around the picturesque neighborhood in the fall and spring. Friday nights in the summer are Happy Hour where families and friends gather to enjoy the lake, weather, and each other’s company. Parties at the Lake House are always a big hit and parties for Memorial Day, Fourth of July, and Labor Day are huge community events that are truly fun for the whole family

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