If outdoor activities are your thing you’ll have plenty to do in Randolph’s beautiful parks (Brundage, Heistein, Freedom, and more), swimming at Randolph Lake, or walking, jogging, and or cross country skiing through the Randolph trail system. As stated on the town’s website, “Randolph’s trail system runs a 16-mile course traversing five parks, the Clyde Potts Reservoir Watershed and 2,000 acres of pristine open space. The trails link together schools with neighborhoods and connect to Patriots’ Path at Combs Hollow and Old Brookside.” The trail system is a truly wonderful feature of the town and a clear demonstration of the great out door activities that are available as well as the town’s commitment to preserving open space.

For more information please visit the Randolph Parks and recreation website.

For more information please visit the Randolph Trails website.