The Randolph school system is continually ranked among New Jersey’s best. Randolph school’s are home to great kids and dedicated staff that work together with parents and the community to prepare all students for the demands and thinking skills required in the 21st century.

Randolph schools’ commitment to excellence can be seen in the classroom, in student performance on state and national assessments, and ultimately in the wide range of outstanding colleges and universities Randolph students choose to further their studies.  The school system is comprised of four vibrant elementary schools (Ironia in the west, Shongum in the east, Centergrove in the center of town, and Fernbrook on the north side), a wonderfully accepting and supportive middle school, and a high school that has classes, clubs, and sports that show Ram pride.

At their core, all the schools offer a diverse and challenging curriculum that truly prepares students for tackling authentic and meaningful problems and projects.


Please visit the Randolph Township Schools website for more information.